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Georgia UM Add-On

Georgia Uninsured Motorist –Add-On Coverage Example

O.C.G.A. § 33-7-11, the Georgia Uninsured Motorist Act,


An underinsured driver fails to stop at a red light, hits your car and causes you to have $175,000 in damages. The at-fault underinsured driver (At-Fault's) has $50,000 of Liability Coverage. Your policy contains $100,000



(This coverage is also referred to as Uninsured Motorist-Added on to At-Fault Liability Limits)


At-Fault's Liability Coverage Limit $50,000


Your New Uninsured Motorist Coverage Limit $100,000


Total Amount of Your Damages $175,000


Total Insurance Payment with Add-On – $100,000 on top of the At Fault’s Limit = $150,000


$175,000 Total Loss - $150,000 UM Payment =


Your Loss is $25,000 in lieu of $75,000.


With traditional uninsured motorists the At Fault’s limit is subtracted from your limit.


With “Add-on” The at fault’s limit is “Stacked” on top of your limit.  







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